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We’re dedicated to helping brands of all shapes and sizes tell better stories. How? By stimulating the senses. What does that mean?

It’s the Best offers Riso printing to practically* anyone who needs it! We’ll print your existing designs, or we’ll design and print for you. The sky’s the limit baby… Bearing in mind a few limitations outlined below.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Read on for more info or click the button to request an estimate.


Our Colors

We run a single-color Riso. We’re happy to run your artwork with as many colors as you need, just be aware the more runs through the machine, the more likely smudges and slight shifts in registration.


Light Grey






Paper Sizes

Size: The maximum paper size we can print is 11×17. The maximum printable area is about 10.5×16.5, but we recommend sizes smaller than that for best results.

Weight: For best results, we recommend a maximum cover weight of 110lbs or 200gsm. We’ve had success with heavier weights, but it gets hairy. And extra-thick papers are pricey. On the other end of the spectrum, we recommend a text weight not less than 28lbs or 105 gsm text.

Finish: Rougher papers (“with a tooth”) like recycled, bristol, or fiber print best. No glossy papers. Super smooth papers will print, but the ink will smudge. We only print on FSC-certified stocks. We prefer to print on recycled stocks but realize they won’t work for everything.

Finishing Services

We can score, fold, and cut, of course. We of wire binding and padding. We do limited stitch binding by request only. Oh, we also do round corners. Hell yeah!


We’re happy to help set up your files if you’re new to the Riso game. We’ll also handle everything on your behalf, including design. If you’d like to go that route, contact us.


We take great pride in what we do, but Riso printing is an inexact science. If you are expecting perfection, Riso might not be the best route. But we think the imperfections are what makes Riso the best.


We offer our services on a sliding scale, so let’s talk about your needs. Fees cover materials, shipping/delivery, and a (flat or hourly) production fee. Generally speaking, Riso is way cheap. The most significant cost is often the paper. 

Printed with Riso

We totally Riso-printed this shit.

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