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Riso Printing for Practically* Anyone Who Needs It!

It’s the Best is jazzed to offer Riso printing! We’ll print your existing designs, or we’ll design and print for you. The sky’s the limit baby… Bearing in mind a few limitations outlined below.
If you’ve questions or something specific in mind, drop us a line. Or, if you struggle with composing emails, here’s a handy form to ease your burden.

About Riso

A Riso (fka Risograph) is a quirky combination screen printer, copy machine, and offset press. Here’s at It’s the Best, we run an SF9450.

Like screen printing, images are printed one-color at a time by pressing ink through a fine mesh screen. Like offset printing, each color has its own cylinder (or drum) around which the screen is wrapped; the paper passes under the cylinder as it rotates, imprinting the image.

Finally, Risos are similar to copy machines in shape, size, and UI functionality, but instead of toner, a Riso uses a proprietary ink system (think Pantone but with fewer colors). And unlike toner-based duplicators, heat is never applied to the paper.


We run a one-color Riso and currently offer the eight colors listed below. We’re happy to run your artwork with as many colors as you need, just be aware the more runs through the machine, the more likely smudges and slight shifts in registration.


Light Grey







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