You’re Making Great Strides Print


Research shows that on high-performing teams, positive feedback is shared about six times as often as critical feedback. Seems excessive right? Fortunately, this print has your back, but you probably need to buy hundreds.

The frame is black (.625″ wide, squared edges) and includes glass. If your print size is smaller than your frame size, a white matte is included. We partner with a local framer on custom orders. Just ask.


Let’s face it, the modern workplace is a minefield. Objectives collide. Personalities clash. Technology fails. Tempers flare. That’s why we’re happy to bring you The Reasonably Safe for Work Series, office tools designed to remind ourselves and each other to chill the heck out. To step back and take the long view. To laugh in the face of adversity. To do as the Romans do.

Adapted from Greeting Cards for Modern Colleagues series, we’re introducing Prints for Modern Colleagues. Available in three sizes, the prints come framed or unframed and make great gifts for your work wives and husbands or your actual wives and husbands.


Mohawk Superfine 130lb Cover


3-Color Riso

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