Greeting Card for Modern Colleagues No. 8


For the Love of God, Don’t Screw This Up

When what was the last time you completed a thorough threat assessment matrix for your business? Not recently enough we’d guess. Step one: delegate the task. Step two: send this card to really “drive home” the importance of the job.

This is blank on the inside, and frankly, we don’t advise saying much. Maybe, “I mean it” and your signature. But write it really fast like you don’t even have time for that. And make an angry face while you’re doing it — it comes through on the page, we know from experience.

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Let’s face it, the modern workplace is a minefield. Objectives collide. Personalities clash. Technology fails. Tempers flare. That’s why we’re happy to bring you The Reasonably Safe for Work Series, office tools designed to remind ourselves and each other to chill the heck out. To step back and take the long view. To laugh in the face of adversity. To do as the Romans do.

First in the series, the Greeting Cards for Modern Colleagues, a set of 8 cards with zippy messages perfect for your work wives and husbands. Here at It’s the Best, we don’t believe in leaving things left unsaid, and with these cards, we officially begin the process of saying it all. Huzzah!


5" x 7"




Mohawk Superfine 130lb Cover


Kraft with adhesive strip


3-Color Riso

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