Stop the Madness

Integrated Campaign for Reali

It seems the bulk of first-time California home buyers have all experienced the same thing: bitter disappointment. Too few houses and too many buyers translate into a cutthroat game of out-bidding and “oh-my-god-we-can’t-afford-this” night terrors.

What else do California home buyers have in common? Welp, at least according to the performance campaign, it’s relishing in their shared agony.

The Brief

Reali Cash Offer supercharges the buying power of the average California home-seeker. The company puts in an all-cash offer on the buyer’s behalf instead of the “traditional financing.” Higher acceptance rates. Faster closings. Happier homeowners.

And to those hip to the real estate game, the benefits are obvious. But if you’ve never purchased a home before, errrrrr, not so much. So how can we get the audience to appreciate the benefits of a product if they’re unfamiliar with the pains it solves?

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