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Integrated Campaign for Reali
The Brief

It seems the bulk of first-time California home buyers have all experienced the same thing: bitter disappointment. Too few houses and too many buyers translate into a cutthroat game of out-bidding and “oh-my-god-we-can’t-afford-this” night terrors.

In a market where repeat rejected offers is the norm, Reali Cash Offer offers buyers an edge. Higher acceptance rates. Faster closings. Happier homeowners.

To those hip to the real estate game, the benefits are obvious. But if you’ve never purchased a home before, eh, not so much. So, how can we get the audience to appreciate the benefits of a product if they’re unfamiliar with the pains it solves?

The Approach

If there’s one thing we’ve found over the years, it’s that nothing works quite like calling a spade a spade. Customers once may have wanted smoke up their asses, but those days are (sigh) long gone.

So let’s not beat around the bush. Home buying these days, especially in California, is a war. A war in which there are ten-fold the losers as there are winners. And you’re not going to win a war equipped with stock photography of smiling families in back yards. You’re going to win it with a firm grasp of reality.

Also cold, hard cash.

The Results

True to the ads, it’s crucial to be level-headed about results and impact. At launch, the campaign surpassed all our benchmarks, driving a 260% MoM surge in qualified leads the first two weeks of launch. On social channels, engagement rates were 310% higher than the **previous top-performing **campaign.

But, as with anything provocative (read: memorable), there’s a drop-off. Once you’ve been provoked, it’s tough to get re-provoked. Especially when you’re only targeting active California home buyers: that fountain is not eternal. After four weeks in the market, campaign performance dropped 39%.

Fortunately, variety is the spice of life and the creative fountain is eternal, so iterating on themes is our bread and butter. Hence all these iterations. Which is we kicked that campaign-performance-drop-off’s ass, driving performance back up to 80% of peak in the subsequent four weeks.


Reali, Inc.


Head of Creative

What I Did

Concept. Design. Copy, in partnership with Juliet Fox.

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