A little bit of this, a little bit of that, it’s all in the power of architecture.

Messaging & Web for Pappageorge Haymes Partners

There’s a stereotype about architects being a fussy bunch. Yet when it comes the structural integrity of the built world, I think some fuss is in order.

Taking on the messaging and web design of an architect though? Gird yourself; you’ll need some fortitude. Luckily, we got that. Plus, working with clients equally passionate about the creative process can be far more gratifying. And so it was with Pappageorge Haymes Partners.


Pappageorge Haymes Partners




Creative Director

The Brief

Pappageorge Haymes Partners (PHP) is a Chicago architecture firm true to its Midwestern roots: thoughtful and determined, but modest. For three decades, the firm saw steady growth with minimal marketing and a website from the turn of the century. But continued growth means attracting top talent — a difficult thing to do in the digital age without a web presence.

With their 30 year anniversary on the horizon, it was the perfect time to correct course. And with a history of successful branding engagements for PHP-designed buildings, Mauge won the RFP to create a new messaging framework and web experience.

User Experience
Web Design
Our Approach

The first to-do was developing a vision, mission, and messaging framework to support the new site and drive future recruiting and new business initiatives. And with such a diverse practice, there were a lot of stakeholders at the table and each had their own unique angle on the PHP story.

We quickly realized the traditional terse, pithy nature of the traditional vision and mission wasn’t go to work. And frankly, the client didn’t want to be hewed in too tightly — as architects, they knew more than most how time can change the function of a thing. What works today needs to work ten years from now.

The Results

Success! Hooray! Cake! Cocktails! Nokia stood up their internal team and we passed off extensive documentation and recommendations for the road ahead.

We had some hits and some misses, but that’s how it goes: Pets always win. So do action and adventure. Empty landscapes, no matter how beautiful, will never outperform people — unless you also drop some knowledge. No surprise: the more genuine the moment the better.

2021 Update

What’s the nexus between the investor set, film industry insiders, flip-phone fanboys, and families with a $120 smart thermometer? How do we distill the essence and set it to repeat?

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